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A trusted platform for everything logistics

DeliverAny is a bespoke logistics service platform for cargo owners and logistics service companies. It utilizes technology to help to manage your shipment and find logistics service vendors of your choice. With DeliverAny, your logistics just got simpler, safer, and more efficient.


DeliverAny allows you to enjoy a secure, systematised, and reputable logistics solution in and to any part of the world.

Register on the DeliverAny app

Are you an existing business looking for an additional stream of revenue? Get started by registering as a verification partner for DeliverAny.

Earn a commission on every verification

Once your registration is complete, you get to register assets and verify them on-behalf of logistics companies. You also get to verify assets on behalf of registered logistics companies on DeliverAny, earning up to 50% of the verification fee.

Verify DeliverAny’s logistics company assets

Help verify the authenticity and capacity of the assets presented by registered logistics companies on the DeliverAny app by searching for the company’s directory for logistics record and administering unverified assets.

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The ease, multi-function, speed, and security of DeliverAny makes it the favoured choice among the thousands of people who continue to rely on it for efficient logistics services.

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